This rancher has radical ideas about water

By David Marston

If Jim Howell, a fourth-generation rancher in Western Colorado, has a guru, he’s Allan Savory, the champion of intensive cattle…


Looking back to when water was plentiful

By David Marston

During his 50 years in rural western Colorado, Jamie Jacobson has seen a lot of flooding. While caretaking a farm…


Urban-rural divide is alive and well

By Allen Best

“The annual Western Stock Show puts cowboy hats in high-end restaurants and strip joints alike.”

Photograph by Allen Best, outside of Akron, CO


The West badly needs a restoration economy

By Jonathan Thompson

“Restoration work is not fixing beautiful machinery … It is accepting an abandoned responsibility,”

Photograph courtesy of Allan Nash, open pit coal mine in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin


If You Like Fish and Birds, Hug a Cow

By Sharon and Pat O’Toole

“Eighty-five percent of grazing lands — think sagebrush steppe or high desert landscapes — are not suitable for any other type of food production”

Photograph by Angela Mulligan, Courtesy of Unsplash


If the Water Goes, the Desert Moves in

By David Marston

“Without water, you’ve got nothing around here.”

Photograph by David Marston


Here’s how to save the Colorado River

By Bruce Babbitt

“By retiring less than 10 per cent of this irrigated acreage from production, we could eliminate the existing million acre-foot overdraft on the Colorado River..”

Photo by John Gibbons, from Unsplash


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