The “energy gap” nobody wants to tussle with

By Dave Marston

Many Western states have declared they will achieve all-renewable electrical goals in just two decades. Call me naïve, but haven’t…

Clouds over a windmill farm near Oakley, Kansas


The “Keystone Pipeline” won’t make gas any cheaper 

By Ted Williams

”A report that the Biden administration is weighing greater imports of Canadian oil is putting a renewed focus on the…


Unusual Coalition Unites for Clean Energy

By Matt Witt

Communities in the West can stand up to giant outside corporations if they want to win a renewable energy future,…

Packed State and federal hearings were packed with so many ranchers, farmers, climate activists, Tribal members, anglers, and others that it was often “sitting room only.”


A tale of two western counties

By Dave Marston

“Delta County has a long history of turning away stuff that ends up in Montrose County,” says Delta County Commissioner Don Suppes.

May 26, 2021 – Byron Kominek, owner of Jack’s Solar Garden, tills the soil at the farm in Longmont, Colo. Jack’s Solar Garden is a 1.2-MW, five-acre community solar farm and is the largest agrivoltaic research project in the U.S. The solar project was designed and built by Namasté Solar. (Photo by Werner Slocum / NREL)


Chaco Culture National Park is under siege

By Bruce Babbitt

It is not an exaggeration to say that New Mexico’s Chaco Culture National Historical Park is under siege. A surge…


Two Western states act to control methane

By Tim Lydon

Gated methane vent pad in Sunshine Roadless area above Paonia, CO. Methane originates in active Arch Resources coal mine. This collection of vents makes Arch the third biggest greenhouse gas polluter in Colorado.


The West badly needs a restoration economy

By Jonathan Thompson

“Restoration work is not fixing beautiful machinery … It is accepting an abandoned responsibility,”

Photograph courtesy of Allan Nash, open pit coal mine in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin


One State Still Craves Coal

By Dustin Bleizeffer

“It seems a shame that the state isn’t onboard with its Western neighbors to help decarbonize the grid.”

Photo by AJ Nash


Wyoming Needs to Bite the Bullet

By Nate Martin

“Sundance, Wyoming, is considering axing its entire police force because they can’t pay for it.”

Photograph by Aubrey Odom, courtesy of Unsplash



By Dave Marston

This is a place that knows the pain of an industry cutting back.

Photograph by Jeffrey Beall, Flickr


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