It’s time to stop shipping water across the Rockies

By David O. Williams

It was 1952 when the cities of Aurora and Colorado Springs first started gobbling up water rights in a remote,…

10,000 year old high altitude fen slated for drowning by Colorado Springs and Augora, CO


The Colorado River is sending a message

By Gary Wockner

The region lived without them before, and it can live without them again. Now, nature is forcing our hand, telling us that it’s time to breach the dam and let the Colorado River run free.

Image above of Willow Creek Canyon once a popular side canyon for boaters. Now a sandy wash. Image courtesy of Glen Canyon Institute staff.


As Lake Powell dwindles, wonders open up

By Tim Treuer

It would take us another day and a half of increasingly arduous travel to finally enter Lake Powell


Looking back to when water was plentiful

By David Marston

During his 50 years in rural western Colorado, Jamie Jacobson has seen a lot of flooding. While caretaking a farm…


Pumping up fear along the Colorado River

By George Sibley

Some Colorado River tribulations today remind me of a folk story: A young man went to visit his fiancé and…

Photograph by JC Peacock, courtesy of Unsplash


Water can be wrung out too much

By Writers on the Range

“But when Western cities grow, they look everywhere for more water, with little regard for the rivers they drain. “

Santa Fe River below Santa Fe Municipal Water Treatment Plant. Photograph courtesy of Allen Best.


An Idaho congressman aims to dump dams

By Rocky Barker

Rep. Mike Simpson is a conservative Republican from Idaho whose concept of wildness in the 1990s was going into the…

Photograph courtesy of Rocky Barker


Who Calls the Shots on the Colorado River?

By David Marston

Once you pay for fallowed fields, you’ll end up with landowners who are investors first, like Water Asset Management.

Photograph by Jon Flobrant, courtesy of Unsplash


When Water Dries Up, It Can Be Deadly

By Pepper Trail

“The dams that choke the Klamath River may be finally nearing removal”

Photograph by Markus Spiske, Courtesy of Unsplash


A Move Toward Water Speculation

By David Marston

“Just talking about demand management has already attracted deep-pocketed investors..”

Photo by RedCharlie, Courtesy of Unsplash


A Clear Warning About the Colorado River

By David Marston

For the West this summer, the news about water was grim.  In some parts of California, it didn’t rain for…

Photograph by Ken Cheung, Courtesy of Unsplash


If the Water Goes, the Desert Moves in

By David Marston

“Without water, you’ve got nothing around here.”

Photograph by David Marston


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