Don’t bet against redband rainbow trout

By Brian Sexton

Photograph by Justin Miles


Killing wildlife to see who wins

By Ted Williams

Predators do kill game and livestock, but no game species in the United States is suppressed by predation, and overpopulated species like elk and deer lack the predators needed to maintain their health and that of native ecosystems.


Sometimes, poison is the only thing that works

By Ted Williams

The ashy storm-petrel, threatened by mice on the Farallon Islands.

Photograph courtesy of Ted Williams


Colorado Needs Wolves

By Rob Edward

“…we can efficiently and affordably undo our ancestors’ shortsighted decision to erase wolves from America’s wild place.”

Photograph by Robert Larsson, Courtesy of Unsplash


Wolves and lots of People Don’t Mix

By Marj Perry

“Wolf proponents see western Colorado as an empty wilderness, not acknowledging the combustion engine, or Interstate-70.”

Photograph by Courtney Clayton, Courtesy of Unsplash


Climbing Walls While Sitting in a Chair

By W.S. Robinson

Suddenly tears flowed. “Geez, you could say I squashed a bug.”

Photograph by Kuma Kum, Courtesy of Unsplash


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