It’s a perfect storm for fire insurance

By Dave Marston

Westerners have begun looking at their homes differently these days. Are those trees too close? Should I move all that…

House in Douglas County, CO, courtesy Lena Deravianko, Unsplash


In small towns, bookstores are thriving

By John Clayton

“I love to spend my day in a bookstore,” said Amy Sweet. She lives in Red Lodge, Montana, and was…

beartooth books, Red Lodge, Montana, John Clayton


What Aspen can teach us

By Jacob Richards

Back in the ‘90s, when writer Hunter S. Thompson held court at the Woody Creek Tavern just outside of Aspen,…


We won’t forget what happened 101 years ago

By Shaun Ketchum Jr.

One hundred and one years ago, my Ute ancestors were forced to live within a barbed-wire camp in Blanding, a…

La Sal Range in Northern San Juan County, Utah, courtesy Wikimedia Commons


Hunting is a valuable tool in managing lions

By Andrew Carpenter

Asking the public to decide if it’s a good idea to ban hunting mountain lions and bobcats is no way…

Mountain lion, courtesy Writers on the Range


Bobcats need protection, not killing for their pelts

By Ted Williams

Unlike the rest of modern wildlife management, killing bobcats is unregulated, driven not by science but by fur prices. We’re…

Bobcat caught in a trap, photo courtesy of Animal Wellness Action


How did so much stuff pile up?

By Rich Wandschneider

A few years ago, I turned a carport into a bedroom. But first I had to empty out the books,…

Adam Winger, Unsplash, Logan Utah


Building a huge park is anything but easy

By Dave Marston

Marc Katz is a retired entrepreneur who lives part-time in Durango, Colorado, a town of 19,000 people who all seem…


A candy bar fueled the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

By Dave Marston

If you don’t know much about the Iron Horse bike race that begins in the town of Durango in southwestern…


In Wyoming, tormenting a wolf is not a big deal

By Wendy Keefover

It’s legal in Wyoming to chase coyotes and run over them with snowmobiles, but recently, a man used his snowmobile…


An invitation to play the climate-change game

By Pepper Trail

Let’s play a game, the climate-change game that every living thing on Earth has no choice but to play, starting…

Dead Horse State Park, Moab, Utah, Andres Haro, Unsplash


Pepper Trail: There’s so much worth saving

By Jonathan Romeo

For a long time, climate change was largely perceived as a distant threat. But Oregon biologist Pepper Trail, 70, who…


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