It all began with pizza

By Laura Roberts McHenry

In the mid-1960s, my dad served on the school board in Cortez, in rural southern Colorado.  He recalled that at…

Photograph by Helena Lopez, courtesy of Unsplash


Housing prices in the West are over the moon.

By Jonathan Thompson

“But now the Zoom Boom-fueled market fire is spreading beyond the “best places” into the once-affordable bastions of working class neighborhoods, the bedroom communities, rural ranchettes and even trailer parks.”

Photograph by Phil Hearing, courtesy of Unsplash


We blame the trees, but whose fault is it?

By Pepper Trail

“But it’s questionable that any amount of “thinning” could protect Ashland from a wind-driven firestorm coming out of the watershed.”

Photograph by Romain Le Teuff, courtesy of Unsplash


The last thing we need is a gold mine

By Marcie Carter

“For us, the Nimíipuu, the value of the land, fish, wildlife and other natural resources will always be worth more than gold.”

Photograph by Curioso Photography, courtesy of Unsplash


Pumping up fear along the Colorado River

By George Sibley

Some Colorado River tribulations today remind me of a folk story: A young man went to visit his fiancé and…

Photograph by JC Peacock, courtesy of Unsplash


Some Western states join the rush to suppress voting

By Jeff Milchen

Colorado’s elections are a bipartisan success story, so when Major League baseball responded to Georgia’s new voting restrictions by moving the…

Image by Unseen Histories, courtesy of Unsplash


Water can be wrung out too much

By Writers on the Range

“But when Western cities grow, they look everywhere for more water, with little regard for the rivers they drain. “

Santa Fe River below Santa Fe Municipal Water Treatment Plant. Photograph courtesy of Allen Best.


Urban-rural divide is alive and well

By Allen Best

“The annual Western Stock Show puts cowboy hats in high-end restaurants and strip joints alike.”

Photograph by Allen Best, outside of Akron, CO


An isolated area gets the vaccine job done

By Dave Marston

“The two small counties, including the indigenous community of the Southern Ute Nation, were ready when 4,000 of those doses—10% of the state’s total—arrived.”

Photograph by Fadil Fauzi, courtesy of Unsplash


Dying for powder

By Molly Absolon

“I don’t know anyone who’s stood at the top of a slope and thought, ‘Well, this could kill me, but it’s going to be epic powder skiing!’”

Photograph by Jan Kronies, courtesy of Unsplash


We can act now to fight wildfires

By Harrison Raine

“In 2020, the highest we got to anywhere, was a D2 — Severe Drought. Now we are looking at D3 — D4 — Extreme and Exceptional Drought across much of the West and almost all of the Southwest.”

Cameron Peak Fire, Near Red Feather Lakes, Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado – 2020 Image courtesy of Harrison Raine


An Idaho congressman aims to dump dams

By Rocky Barker

Rep. Mike Simpson is a conservative Republican from Idaho whose concept of wildness in the 1990s was going into the…

Photograph courtesy of Rocky Barker


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