A Japanese-American internment camp has much to teach us

By Paul Zaenger

“While other children were sent to daycare, when I was 3 years old I was sent to a Japanese-American prison,”…


If you see racism, call it out

By Wayne Hare

Black Americans get a lot of messages about who matters and who does not in this country, and the question…

Dixie National Forest


It all began with pizza

By Laura Roberts McHenry

In the mid-1960s, my dad served on the school board in Cortez, in rural southern Colorado.  He recalled that at…

Photograph by Helena Lopez, courtesy of Unsplash


An isolated area gets the vaccine job done

By David Marston

“The two small counties, including the indigenous community of the Southern Ute Nation, were ready when 4,000 of those doses—10% of the state’s total—arrived.”

Photograph by Fadil Fauzi, courtesy of Unsplash


An Idaho congressman aims to dump dams

By Rocky Barker

Rep. Mike Simpson is a conservative Republican from Idaho whose concept of wildness in the 1990s was going into the…

Photograph courtesy of Rocky Barker


It’s Time to Come to the Aid of Wildland Firefighters

By Harrison Raine

“..many of the men and women who fight those fires on our behalf are suffering from burnout”

Image of Harrison Raine setting a backfire to stop wildfire from spreading


A Mixed-up-Family Becomes an American Family

By Rich Wandschneider

““How’s being black?” wrote a classmate in my grandson’s yearbook. “

Photograph by Omar Lopez, courtesy of Unsplash


The Complexity of Color in the Environmental Movement

By Ernie Atencio

 This summer was a time of reckoning about race in every sector of American life, and many of us are…


Fanning the Flames of Hate in Oregon

By Pepper Trail

“The present we are now enduring is the climate-change future that we have been warned about for decades.”

Photograph by Alex Radelich, Courtesy of Unsplash


The wall with Mexico will come tumbling down

By Gary Paul Nabhan

But one needs to read only a bit of world history to realize that walls can come down as a quickly as they were put up.

Photograph by Greg Bulla, Courtesy of Unsplash


We Either Lie About Them or Omit Them

By Rich Wandschneider

And, according to Indian friends, there are strong tribal memories of the devastating 1918 flu

Photograph by Taylor Ruecker, courtesy of Unsplash



By Wayne Hare

How do you explain racism when it is so subtle and ingrained that it became invisible to white people generations ago?

Photograph by Vince Fleming, courtesy of Unsplash


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