Collaboration gets you farther than insults

By Ben Long

Is there any habit harder to break than harboring a grudge against an old adversary? Yet burying hatchets is exactly…

Taylor Brandon via Unsplash


When will black history become a part of American History?

By Wayne Hare

Photo Credit: Unknown author, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons


Wyoming may be too much like America used to be

By Bruce Palmer

May 31 By Bruce Palmer If you’re hankering for a true Western vacation, come to the Cowboy State, where we…

Grand Tetons at the end of a Wyoming Road, photograph by Leslie Cross, courtesy of Unsplash


Some Western states join the rush to suppress voting

By Jeff Milchen

Colorado’s elections are a bipartisan success story, so when Major League baseball responded to Georgia’s new voting restrictions by moving the…

Image by Unseen Histories, courtesy of Unsplash


Like it or not, We Learned a Few Things

By 'Asta Bowen

“2020 put the lie to the notion that we are in charge.”

Photo by Zo Razafindramamba, courtesy of Unsplash


We’ve Been Living With Too Much Rudeness

By Crista Worthy

“I’ve also heard from bicycle riders who say they’re sitting ducks when trucks pass by while belching out black smoke..”

Photograph by NeONBRAND, Courtesy of Unsplash


Now We Need to Rollback the Rollbacks

By Jonathan Thompson

“Yet Obama’s policies were equally friendly to energy development.”

Photograph by AJ Nash — @VernChronicles


Living with Evacuation, Smoke and Helicopters

By Laura Pritchett

“Wouldn’t it be a miracle if the whole damn world banded together and realized climate change was the number one priority?”

Photograph by Giorgio Trovato, courtesy of Unsplash


The Bomb and Me, 75 Years Later

By Paul Krza

“my face received about a hundred times more radiation than Japanese nuke bomb”

Photograph by of Thomas van der Veer, courtesy of Unsplash



By Jerry Brady

On the one hand there’s the spirit of cooperation and belief that government can help, on the other there’s outright contempt for anything governmental.


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