George Sibley

Early in his writing career, George worked as the winter-keeper at the tiny town of Gothic, the summer home of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, not far from Crested Butte. Out of that snowy and occasionally dangerous experience, he produced an evocative memoir, Part of a Winter. George has run the gamut when it comes to professions, working as a sawyer in Crawford, Colorado and professor at Western State Colorado University, in Gunnison, CO, all the while writing and thinking about the West. He also wrote the definitive history for the Colorado River District’s 75th anniversary entitled, Water Wranglers.


The Colorado River Compact Hasn’t Aged Well

By George Sibley

The Colorado River Compact turns 100 this year, but any celebration is damped down by the drying-up of the big…

The public launch ramp at Antelope Point, late March, 2021


Don’t blame the Upper Basin states

By George Sibley

But the Bureau of Reclamation has regularly and faithfully released to the Lower Basin, from Powell Reservoir, the Colorado River Compact and Mexican Treaty allotments –- 8.23 million acre-feet only dropping a little below those allotments half a dozen times since Powell began to fill in the 1960s.

Bryan Egner US Dept. of energy Glen Canyon Dam 2018


Pumping up fear along the Colorado River

By George Sibley

Some Colorado River tribulations today remind me of a folk story: A young man went to visit his fiancé and…

Photograph by JC Peacock, courtesy of Unsplash


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