Erica Rosenberg

Rosenberg has been involved with public lands issues for decades–serving as counsel to both House and Senate Committees overseeing public lands; teaching public lands policy at Arizona State University law school; consulting on, writing about, and advocating for public lands; and serving on several NGO boards, including Western Lands. Based in DC now, she has done stints in Boulder and Phoenix (and in the Western Pacific). In 2021, she retired from the federal government (most recently, working as a NEPA attorney at the FCC), and is consulting a bit on NEPA and working at the local level on parks. But mostly,she’s spending time with her horse, whom she rides on public lands


Land exchanges serve the wealthy

By Erica Rosenberg

In 2017, the public lost 1,470 acres of wilderness-quality land at the base of Mount Sopris near Aspen, Colorado. For…

Old growth Ponderosa pine on public land that would be transferred to private ownership in proposed Valle Seco land trade, photo courtesy of Colorado Wild Public Lands


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